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Let’s talk New Kids Cruise!

DSC00276I’m excited because this is my first post that’s actually about a boyband!

Last night, the second season of “Rock this Boat: New Kids On the Block” premiered on PopTV.  My friends and I were actually on that cruise (it was the second NKOTB Cruise for most of us, while some of us were first-timers), so we were excited to re-live it.  We were only told that the cameras would be on the boat again for this cruise after everyone had everything paid off, so a good portion of us were concerned that the camera crews would be in the way and kind of ruin the experience for us.  On our first cruise, the cameras were everywhere and the crews were RUDE, plus the finished product show (which is on Netflix, so go binge watch it if you please) was just a trainwreck…not even close to what the experience is REALLY like because a good portion of it all was staged.  There’s really no other way to put it.  For season 2 we were promised that it would focus more on the band and not necessarily on the fans, and I’m so happy to say that episode 1 DELIVERED.

Seriously, it was so much better than season 1.  We got to see how the guys were preparing for it all, how they felt about the fans and why they continue to do the cruise every year.  Reliving the excitement of it all was fantastic, though…I remember just being in the port waiting to check in when Donnie and Jordan arrived in those bathrobes (and let’s just talk about how the bathrobes were the best thing ever)…everyone was so excited and just happy and relaxed, and that was the best part about it.  Personally, I had gone in to this cruise with my expectations unbelievably low…I had been too busy with work and life in general to really even think about it, so keeping my expectations low contributed greatly to my experience.  Jordan and Donnie were freaking hysterical…because really, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jordan Knight that excited about anything and I never would have thought he and Donnie would be discussing their spray tans.  LOL  Also, seeing Joey Medusa (not his real name, one of these days I’ll explain) McIntyre talk about not being camera ready and doing his selfie speech again was the best thing ever. Completely accurate and hysterical in every sense of the word.  Anyway, I’m very excited to see how the rest of the season goes.  And it’s making me even more excited for this year’s cruise (Mexico here we come!), which is terrible, because I will get NOTHING productive done in the 4+ months (OMG) that we have until we set sail.

Anyway, I’ll try to either live-blog or simply give a more detailed review of next week’s episode.  I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say.  😀

P.S.-That picture up there at the top?  That’s mine.  Please don’t steal it without credit.  Kthxbai.  😀


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